Our Guardian Dog Program


Mini Australian Multigen Female Approx 20-25# $1800 or will put in Guardian Home

This girl is adopted!! We are looking for a Guardian Home’s NOW!

We @ JacknDoodle Ranch,  feel that each of our multigen labradoodle puppies should have the opportunity to live a full life with a loving and involved family.  It is for this reason that we have decided to open up a Labradoodle Guardian Program that will allow us to continue our labradoodle breeding program, while continuing to leave a quality footprint on the labradoodle breed as a whole.

Our Labradoodle Guardian Program will allow a few, select families to bring a puppy into a FOREVER home at a fraction of the price, we have Australin multigen labradoodle puppies, total non-shed/dander that participate in our labradoodle breeding program. There is a $1,000 deposit up front, and you will get that back after 4 litters. If Guardian family would like another Labradoodle, as long as the mom is in good health, we will do a 5th breeding. Please note that there is a list of strict criteria that must be met in order to participate in our labradoodle guardian program and we do actively participate (via visits, phone calls and emails) with our guardian home families.

We aren’t invasive or overpowering in the least, we just want to make sure that in exchange for the amazing Labradoodle you receive,  that the puppy will be in a loving and involved home.

Labradoodle Guardian families will get a “pick of the litter” puppy that we feel exceeds the multigen labradoodle breed standards in temperament, conformation, coat quality and color. Guardian homes promise to keep their labradoodle in a highly suitable environment and promise to treat them as a family pet. Labradoodle Guardian families will also be required to follow a specific diet while in our program, provide routine veterinary care, and pursue obedience training. Dog is to be kept groomed at all times for pictures, and if received as a pup, they must be allowed to grow out a full coat for website pics.  Above all, we require our guardian families to provide a large amount of love to the labradoodle puppies and dogs in our program.

A deposit of $500.00, of which will be refunded on the 1st litter, is required  to participate and guardian families must live within a 150-mile radius of Bakersfield, California. Guardian family will be required to meet Breeder at least 1/2 way to bring and take labadoodle for breeding and litters, mom will to be kept for 6 weeks, and mom returned to family.  We will breed the female 4 times back to back, pending Vet check and she is in perfect health, to shorten the time that the Labradoodle will become fully yours.  This assures our breeding females are never over bred.

If you are interested in learning more about our Guardian Program please contact Kelly @ bjellybeene@yahoo.com. or call 661-431-8589